Greeting an Other-Self

Photo by Darius Bashar on Unsplash

If I were to tell you that there’s a quote at the bottom of this page from the Old Testament, would you immediately stop reading? What if I said it was from the star beings of Betelgeuse, channeled by someone in flowing purple robes and feather earrings? Carved on a wall in a temple beside the Nile? Written in the Koran? Passed down in the oral tradition of an indigenous tribe that has no writing?

Do you feel sadness that you, or someone else, would turn away for no reason except that an idea is expressed through a belief system different from what you know? If so, you’ve taken an important step forward.

There is truth partly revealed and partly hidden within the vocabulary and imagery of every system. The opportunity and the need for us to connect are greater than ever. We need to find what we have in common, then celebrate what makes us different, and learn from each other. We need to be curious, not judgmental or fearful.

It is more evident than ever that we are all in this petri dish called Earth together. Connecting starts with communicating across cultural, economic, political, and religious differences and polarization.

Fortunately, it’s easy. It starts with looking into one other person’s eyes and seeing them as like ourselves in essence, and possessing wonderful uniqueness as well. We are our Self, they are our Other-Selves. I invite you to look at just one person that way today, and greet them as an Other-Self.

Thanks for reading, my beautiful and precious Other-Selves.



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Wes Gietz

Wes Gietz

Lover of Consciousness within and beyond the physical. Transcended scientist. Some call me a shaman. Author, spiritual mentor, teacher. At