Consciousness in the River

Wes Gietz
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Your journey in this “ever-moving present moment” is like floating down a river. The river is your consciousness.

Look at the surface of the river in this present moment. You perceive what the senses bring. You feel the breeze on your skin, see the beauty of a flower or cloud, hear the sounds of waves and birds, and smell the aromas of water and riverside plants. There is limitless pleasure to be experienced with your senses alone.

Yet there is more. Extend your awareness straight down, below the surface of the river. Going straight down, you remain in the present moment, not the past or the future. Notice your relationships with what is within reach of your senses as well as those aspects of the physical universe that are out of range of the senses, such as the stars in daytime or a beloved one in a distant community. Realize that you are a participant, not just an observer. This may be only intellectual, or it may be felt in your body and heart as well.

Go deeper. Open to another level of consciousness and notice the flows of emotions in your body as well as other energies that move around and within all matter. These energies are beyond the senses. They stretch the mind until you are able, or compelled, to accept the expanded perception.

Go deeper again. Become aware that there are entities whose love flows continuously around you, within you, and from you. Call them angels, spirits, soul guides, or your higher self.

Even farther down into your consciousness, the ever-moving present moment contains your personal knowing of Oneness with all that is. It becomes obvious that the motion of time is itself illusory, just a construct of the physical universe that has wonderful pragmatic value but is not primary. Here there is no space, no time, only Light and Love. You know this whether you are aware of it or not.

Pragmatically, physically, you live in a bounded body on a bounded planet. Your duty, your honour, is to be fully present here and bring to this world the level of understanding that you find, however deeply you dive, in the depths of the river of your consciousness.

Perhaps, feeling these energies and sensing these beings, you are guided to find a teacher to guide you as you understand and develop your skills and power. You may wish to learn to use them, to interact with them and apply your learnings as a teacher or healer. Or you may simply decide to let them flow through you into the world, serving by being rather than doing.

Whatever your path, know that this is your birthright.

February 1 2023



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