Photo by Blake Cheek on Unsplash

I am in the universe
like a small child at a fair

The universe offers a line
or a poem
a surprise balloon

like that small child
I am distracted from my poet self
by the pragmatics of this all too busy life

But if I let go that line or poem
like a balloon it soars away.

So I sit
this cold and rainy day
cars and concrete and cares all set aside
and joyously I write.

December 24 2022



Photo by Will O on Unsplash

“The Man in You”

Something of her
called out
the man
of you.

Even now
you remain
astonished by
the strength of love
that surged from in
your Self

And by how she melted
to the man
that you became
for only her
when the man in you
rose to meet
the woman in her
who called
to only you.



Wes Gietz

Lover of Consciousness within and beyond the physical. Transcended scientist. Some call me a shaman. Author, spiritual mentor, teacher. At